Warren Tate

Warren Tate

With 28 years experience in Real Estate, starting as an agent in Albert Park to being the CEO of a bayside franchise group and a sales trainer for many local businesses I am frustrated with the level of customer service, innovation in marketing and old school practices from the 80’s that is delivered by many real estate agents today.

For the last decade I have studied and coached real estate businesses and Fortune 500 executives on powerful communication and presentation skills. The number one skill that is guaranteed to grow and influence people and businesses is communication yet very few take the time to master the art and science of communication.

The biggest complaint received from property owners, buyers and sellers is the lack of communication of real estate agents once they have been engaged.

I realised my two areas of expertise can be combined to service clients needing an experienced real estate professional who has studied and mastered communication and negotiation skills to get them the desired results.

Partnering with EXP real estate team was an easy choice as they are the worlds fastest growing real estate business, deliver a high level of customer experience and are willing to do things differently to get the results for their clients.

Sometimes square pegs in round holes are needed if you want to change an industry. 

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