Tonya Kokkolis

Tonya Kokkolis

Client driven, Seasoned, Cosmopolitan, Affable, Intuitive, Meticulous, Sophisticated, Dog lover.

Tonya has embraced Melbourne with passion and vigour after a lengthy absence, where she was busy being entrepreneurial in Greece,  where she ran her own Real Estate agency.

Prior to that, Tonya owned and operated  a multi campus English language School, where she helped  hundreds of students gain the various formal  English language proficiencies.

She is the perfect bilingual! 

Maybe this combination of Sales and Education explains the ease with which she strikes up a conversation, asks just the right question, and listens so intently.

She has successfully  gained listings , sold property and managed a rental portfolio in a Greek  economy officially recognised as  in crisis. She also put together an impressive portfolio of international investors who recognised her local knowledge and business acumen. 

Tonya Kokkolis has what it takes to represent you in this changing Melbourne Property landscape. 

Her commitment to her clients is unwavering and her thorough and meticulous preparation means you have an ally that is more than just stylish and elegant. 

And if you really want to get her talking, ask her about North!

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