Sid Gandhi

Sid Gandhi

With his Master’s in accountancy and a long history in the finance game, this is one Realtor who promises value, making him quite suitable for investors and home buyers alike. But, numbers don’t represent the whole picture.

“People call me a numbers guy, but I’m really not. I’m a people person. Am I going to strive to get you the best deal for your home? Of course. If you need a property manager, am I going to maximize your investment and bring you the possible return? Of course. But it isn’t all about dollars and cents. I work with each client to deliver personalized service other Realtors just can’t match,” says Gandhi.

His approach to real estate is simple. “I show every client I care, work to earn their trust, then validate that trust by providing the best realty consultation in Sydney’s inner west suburbs. It all comes down to treating people as you’d want your Realtor to treat you. What would I want? A responsive Realtor who cares about my unique position and is able to negotiate the best deals. And that’s what I strive to do,” Sid adds.

When he isn’t working, Mr. Gandhi enjoys travelling and spending time with family.


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