Seb Ferrari

Seb Ferrari


Your success in property is my purpose.

I’ve had held a corporate position in one of Australia’s biggest retailers. I’ve won retail top industry awards and but do you know what? It wasn’t enough. I got itchy.

I was missing some key elements: the opportunity to build meaningful one-on-one relationships with my clients, and the satisfaction of knowing I’ve added value and happiness to someone’s life. I wanted to get in there, to make my interactions purposeful and personal.

Real estate seemed like the obvious move for me. I’ve always been a community man, and my family and I have lived in North Lakes for many years. My wife works at the local school and my three kids were raised in the local parks and playgrounds. I started looking around and realised I could put my competitive nature and strong negotiation skills to work in my own community with my own people.

10 years ago, I launched my real estate career and I have not looked back!

I have been a landlord myself, and with a long history in the building industry, I know what to look for to add value to a property, and how to secure the best investment for my clients.

And being the involved father of three children in a busy family, I certainly know what a family needs in a home!

People fascinate me and I’ll never stop being surprised and delighted by the contacts I make every day. I have old-school values. Honesty, integrity, reliability. Hard work, loyalty, and passion. I will listen to your needs and we’ll team up to achieve whatever goal you set yourself.

When you win, I win!

Let’s put our heads together and make it happen!


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