Pete Angel

Pete Angel

Originally from a rural South Australia, Pete has been involved in sales since the 1980’s. Married to Donna, Pete has 3 children Zac, Jasper and Jai and live locally in the Warradale area.

Successfully selling in and around the beachside suburbs, Pete has become one of the area’s most in-demand real estate agents. Day in – day out, Pete’s approach to work and personal life is hard work, enthusiasm and honesty. These three important qualities have made him very successful throughout his selling career.

Pete is among the New Generation of highly skilled and ultra-professional Real Estate Agents. In an industry where experience is invaluable, he has the ability to give proper advice to help guide and assist you with your property decisions. A natural born salesman with an extraordinary flair for personal negotiation, Pete’s skills are crucial to achieving the best possible price for your property.


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