Pauline Sawyer

Pauline Sawyer

Pauline Sawyer is a licensed real estate agent who has worked in the real estate industry for 20 years. Pauline started her career in the UK and moved to Perth over 10 years ago making her home in the beautiful Peel Region where she lives and works in this enviable location.

Pauline is focused on providing high quality customer service and always strives to exceed customer expectations making the property transaction a stress free process.

In such a competitive industry Pauline considers the key to success is to never lose sight of clients’ needs and to ensure they receive the information required to build confidence to make informed property decisions. Her excellent negotiation skills will get you the best price for your home in any market.

Pauline is very passionate about giving customer feedback and keeping clients updated and is always available if you have any concerns.

Pauline will work with you very closely providing great enthusiasm and dedication to deliver the excellent results you desire.


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