Mel Rosamond

Mel Rosamond

Mel Rosamond is not like any other real estate agent … she is known as the REAL ESTATE CONNECTOR, Connecting people to property Locally, Australia and World Wide.

Mel connects agents, buyers and sellers by delivering high tech global digital marketing and collaborates with over 30,000 agents across the world to ensure the best results. Connected to EXP, the world’s leading real estate system with the most powerful names and technology in real estate.

Mel Rosamond, the Real Estate Connector ….

CONNECTS - people to property Locally, Australia and Worldwide

CUSTOMISES – The real estate process specific to her client needs

COLLABORATES – with over 30,000 agents across the globe

Mel can assist in selling any type of property including residential, holiday homes, investments, developments, rural, over 55's, luxury living …. however her heart and gift is with water properties. Coastal Properties – Ocean , Lake, River and Island homes, with children’s names like Ocean, Island, Reef and Shell, you know Mel Rosamond is your Real Estate Connector when it comes to coastal properties. Residing in Old Bar on The Barrington Coast and personally servicing home owners in Old Bar, Wallabi Point, Pampoolah, Bohnock, Oxley Island, Mitchells Island, Manning Point and connecting people to property Locally, Australia and World Wide. 

If you would like Mel Rosamond to connect people to your property, please call Mel on 0401 967 001 today.

Specialising in Mitchells Island, Wallabi Point, Manning Point, Old Bar, Pampoolah, Oxley Island, Barrington



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