Manav Chopra

Manav Chopra

Manav specialises in all aspects of the real estate industry. His industry knowledge and experience and sincere interest, in helping his clients will always completely satisfy the process of purchasing or selling a home. He loves what he does and prides himself on having a unique perspective on the entire process of matching people with homes.

His career passion is simple, real estate is his niche. Manav is approachable with a jovial demeanour indicating his love for his work. Armed with local market knowledge and huge network system with effective researching, and skilled to handle crisis with a sense of responsibility is Manav’s strength in his client’s interaction. Honouring commitment, dedication, practicality and high standards in most aspects of his working life.

His approach to customer service is energising and an exciting part of his role, the way he communicates and treats customers is reflected on the way they treat him, with utter respect and long-term loyalty. He stands out from other agents in the pure fact that he provides an exceptional experience, displaying care at all times, efficiency and a professional conduct.

He is a natural comic, his humour allows him to stand out from the rest that has a positive effect on building trust with the clients. He creates positive influence on customer perception of his reliability and genuine concern about customer welfare with committed integrity. Manav will go to extremes to win challenges for his clients in order to provide the best advice and support.

Manav is the most polite, strong willed and completely unpretentious in his dealings with customers, his goal is to make his clients feel special, safe and ensure they fulfill their house requirements. Great communicator, oozing confidence at all times, polished and responsible and dedicated to his clients search to find the solution to problems even in the most difficult of situations.

He combines his love for the industry with his passion of helping charitable organisations, by taking pride in giving back to the community.

Innovative and forward thinking, Manav is an expert in this field, and therefore his unrivalled source of knowledge and advice you can be assured of a high standard of service and dedication. If you are after in depth and insightful experience and assurance that no opportunity is ever missed in the process then you are in luck, Manav is just a phone call away.

Manav enjoys the simple things in life, the priceless and meaningful moments he shares with his girlfriend, while globetrotting the world when time allows.

License No. 087739L


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