Leigh Smith

Leigh Smith

Meet Leigh Smith - a paragon of professionalism, a stellar communicator, and a beacon of reliability with a track record of 17 glorious years in the global real estate industry. Leigh's reputation shines bright as one of the top sales executives in the state, courtesy of her unmatched expertise within her dedicated region. From Dawesville to Secret Harbour, she has successfully brokered over 130 properties since 2020. Her diverse portfolio spans exclusive coastal penthouses, waterfront properties, tenanted investments, holiday homes, and strata developments in the Mandurah area.

Her journey through the corporate worlds of sales, consulting, and service sectors, which include banking, IT, travel, and publishing industries, has instilled in her a rigorous professional discipline. Leigh's keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to delivering superior results embody her service ethos, all while maintaining a human touch.

She ingeniously merges her profound understanding of the local market conditions with the highest standards of commercial integrity. The result is a bespoke property selling experience, crafted with progressive marketing strategies and rooted in time-honoured service. Leigh has a knack for connecting the right individuals at the right price point, thereby continuously surpassing her clients' expectations.

Having navigated life across three continents, raising three children, and building a successful career, Leigh cherishes the belief that this corner of Australia is a hidden treasure. It promises an enviable lifestyle and a plethora of investment opportunities.

If you're on the hunt for a consummate professional who is highly attuned to your goals and offers genuine advice, Leigh Smith is your go-to person. Reach out to her for an obligation-free chat about the current market conditions and a general overview of your options.


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