Kuldeep Wander

Kuldeep Wander

Kuldeep is very passionate about real estate. He started his career as a real estate investor. Also, having a lengthy background in different businesses as an owner, he has strong customer service skills and a dedication to achieving the highest standards of professionalism in his work.

As a licensed Real Estate agent in Adelaide, Kuldeep provides a strategic and client-focused service to his clients across the Adelaide Real Estate market.

Kuldeep's educational and professional experience has a strong basis in management and sales. Therefore, he derives much personal satisfaction from his clients' smiles.

Having a lengthy background in different businesses and having invested in real estate for the last many years, He is skilled at marketing, listing, selling, leasing, and managing properties, but it is his skills in communication, servicing clients, following up and in deal negotiations and his genuine passion for helping his clients achieve their goals is what sets him apart.

Kuldeep is a Sales partner with Exp Australia. Also, he is the Director/Principal of the property management agency Right way real estate.

We deliver the best customer service to our clients with our collaborative work to achieve their real estate dreams come true.

To ensure tailor-made solutions for all your property needs and get the best price in the market, please do not hesitate to contact Kuldeep at any time.


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