Kathryn Cameron

Kathryn Cameron

Kathryn has experience of 30 years in real estate matters, holding a Class 1 Licence in all: 

Sales and Leasing - Business Broking- Stock and Station – Agent Auctioneers Accreditation in Stock and Station – Agent Auctioneers Accreditation in Real Estate

Kathryn has many transferrable skills with an appreciation of cultural diversity and social justice. Within the past decade, she completed her studies in a Master of Professional qualifying Social Work degree, a Post Graduate Masters degree in Ageing and Pastoral studies, plus a degree in Social Science Social Welfare. Kathryn also has three diplomas in all Social Community Development and Mental Health and Alcohol & Other Drugs, and Training and Assessment before this, Kathryn was a working agent/principal director of her boutique real estate agency in the Hunter area for 14 years, which credits Kathryn with honest, ethical business service and accountability where she fully understands the complexity of the housing changing environments and the forever changing dynamics of the family contexts. 

The skills of real estate knowledge know-how and the art of truly listening to the needs of others are not something that comes quickly as this takes time with such inherent skills requiring trust and integrity. Kathryn knows how to respectfully listen to people's diverse views and opinions while striving for quality service and an improvement in everything she does –particularly in this ever-changing pandemic environment.

All clients are assured their needs will not be overlooked while being assured of a focus of attention to real estate business matters, ensuring a meaningful real estate transaction is handled effectively and efficiently to deliver a stress-free and pleasing result for both the buyer and seller of real estate.

As an accredited professional social worker, Kathryn is a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) also a member of the Australian Red Cross in NSW and the International Association for Community Development (IACD). Similarly, Kathryn is a current member of the Real estate Institute of Australia, being up-to-date with recent legislation changes in real estate matters. Meanwhile, Kathryn also supports the local Land Council in her area, being a member of the local Elders group, supporting the area's local community members.

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