John McTavish

John McTavish

Industry icon, John McTavish established Riviera Real Estate in 2012 when he moved into the Riviera apartments in Chiswick. His mandate hasn’t changed from when he opened his doors for the first time; he strives to make each customer experience world class.

John’s experience spans 3 decades and numerous countries and he has been a salesperson, manager, owner, lecturer and public speaker. He is considered an industry expert in systems and database management and has an understanding of the psychology of marketing which will amaze you. Often this is the difference which will get you a higher price in a shorter time than any other agency.

John is arguably the most experienced agent in the area and combined with the industry’s most advanced AI and data technology systems, he knows where and how to reach buyers and renters and how to achieve the best possible results for his clients every time.

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