Ivor Thomas

Ivor Thomas

Born in the Blue Mountains, Ivor relocated to Wingham on the Mid North Coast of NSW as a child, completing schooling in Wingham and Taree. 

Ivor moved to Sydney after school with a dream to open the bowling for Australia. Unfortunately that didn't quite happen, but the discipline and commitment that Ivor learnt has been the foundation his career has been built on.

Ivor's absolute passion is marketing, and what better vehicle than someone's biggest asset to be working with. "Identifying a likely buyer then developing a marketing plan that reaches out and grabs them in a way that achieves amazingly happy buyers and sellers is exceptionally rewarding and pretty damn cool when you think about it!".

"The Manning Valley is a special place, and it’s our responsibility to promote and encourage everyone to make the most of the areas unique gifts"

Specialising in Taree, Wingham, Failford, Cedar Party, Tinonee, Diamond Beach



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