Irshad Siddiqui

Irshad Siddiqui

I am Irshad Siddiqui, the CEO and visionary behind AZ Property Solutions, an inventive platform within the real estate sector that specializes in off-plan sales and places a strong emphasis on positive cashflow property transactions. Our niche focus sets us apart in the industry.


Our approach is unique in that we foster collaboration over competition when working with individuals. My vision has always been to create a platform of opportunity where professionals in the real estate sector can collaborate and mutually benefit, transcending the traditional competitive landscape. Whether engaging in B2B or B2C interactions, our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering substantial value, upholding the highest ethical standards, and crafting a landscape of limitless opportunities for all involved.


I firmly believe that fostering a sense of belonging and providing high-quality, integrity-driven services are the cornerstones of building strong relationships with clients and partners alike.


My journey in the real estate industry has opened numerous doors, but the most cherished one has been the opportunity to connect with diverse individuals. The relationships I've forged with my clients are enduring; I don't see myself as a mere salesperson but as someone who initiates and nurtures connections that span generations.


As a determined and forward-thinking professional, I have an innate ability to spot exciting new opportunities and meet challenges head-on. I'm captivated by the seemingly limitless growth potential within the real estate industry, which is brimming with enthusiastic and fearless individuals unafraid to reshape the industry's landscape.


My educational background, including a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), coupled with over 12 years of experience in Hospitality Management and Sales & Marketing, has provided the ideal foundation for my career in assisting others in achieving their goals in real estate.


I bring an abundance of determination, experience, and passion to my work, coupled with a proactive attitude that is genuine and unwavering.


In my view, success is achieved by surrounding oneself with accomplished individuals. I consider myself a sincere, supportive, and empathetic person.

With over 5 years in the real estate industry, I have successfully guided hundreds of individuals in their buying, selling, and investment journeys, consistently delivering exceptional results.


My commitment is to fulfil your real estate requirements in the most exceptional manner, while also upholding the utmost discretion regarding your personal circumstances. Your goals and aspirations take precedence, and I guarantee unwavering dedication to their achievement within the shortest feasible timeframe.


My promise of honesty and integrity is the cornerstone of our partnership with you. In every facet of your real estate transactions, I will thoroughly present all available options and consistently act in your best interests.


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