Daniel Nieva

Daniel Nieva

Daniel Nieva is a dynamic and highly skilled strategist, leveraging his technical expertise to give his clients a distinct edge. With a blend of unwavering professionalism and approachable demeanor, Daniel approaches his role as a property agent with meticulousness and freshness.

Daniel consistently demonstrates extensive market insights and exceptional negotiation abilities, fostering enduring and fruitful relationships with both buyers and sellers. As a result, he not only achieves outstanding outcomes but also earns a steady stream of referral business.

With a vibrant personality and exceptional interpersonal skills, Daniel's passion for people shines through every aspect of his life. He wholeheartedly commits himself to his clients' needs, finding genuine satisfaction in helping them achieve their goals.

Aligned with the esteemed eXp Network, known for its excellence and integrity, Daniel brings a wealth of expertise and experience, guaranteeing stellar performance on every occasion.

For a real estate experience that is honest, friendly, and results-driven, do not hesitate to get in touch with Daniel.


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