Brett Carnell

Brett Carnell

From 10, I wanted to fly, later as an international airline pilot, I wholly understood trust and responsibility; to never fail, no matter the difficulty presented by poor weather or challenging airports worldwide.

Real estate like flying is often a journey into the jungle; I have learnt to listen carefully, check the path first, communicate effectively and always seek a better way.

Some say that I have the ability to take any challenge head-on, develop a strategy and execute flawlessly, I see that as to remember I am human, be diligent, not complacent and protect lives and now property.

I was born in this local community of Currumbin, gifted with good education, I took on the world and came back to what’s important to me; this community, my love for it and the people who reside here.

At my core is the love of serving and helping others.


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