Brad Haworth

Brad Haworth

If there was one word to describe Brad, it would be authentic.

“I think it is very possible I have a different approach to selling real estate then most. Genuinely a house can sell itself if its desirable, if it isn’t that’s where my challenge begins. That’s my passion. Creating a space that a buyer can see themselves living in. That does not mean having to spend a huge amount of coin on renovations, rather, choosing elements in and outside of the home to create a wow factor and change the atmosphere very deliberately for one purpose only. That the campaign finds a buyer who loves their purchase, allowing the seller to start the next chapter of their lives. Happy days”

Brad has a landscaping and garden design background along with spending two years working with interiors at Pottery Barn in Calgary, Canada. In recent years he has worked with heavy earthmoving machinery in the coal mines in central Queensland but has a love for homes and architecture and just generally likes helping people so has decided to chase his dream.

Being genuine and honest and having integrity are his strongest attributes and he’s proud to be somewhat unique in character.


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