Bez Afzali

Bez Afzali

Honesty, consistency and elite habits have formed Bez Afzali’s rise to real estate success so far; and with his refined skills and straight-up advice comes market knowledge coupled with a steadfast commitment to service.

Amongst the elite tribe of professionals eXp Australia is known Australia-wide for, his values align, and his devotion to development and continual improvement is a given.

He comes with a passion for property – ask any of his friends, past clients or acquaintances - money isn’t his motivator, superior service is, his open hand and marketing mind seeing him commit wholeheartedly to every project.

On the surface, he’s polished, professional and relaxed, but internally, he’s mapping out a million outcomes, mentally preparing and thriving on every challenge that follows.

Whether campaigning for a small unit or a million-dollar development, Bez never takes an opportunity for granted.

Connecting with people comes as second nature to Bez. He builds, grows and extends friendships, all the while negotiating hard to ensure every sale has the ultimate price tag attached for his clients.

Bez knows industry professionals are hired for a reason. He proves why.

With the support of his outstanding eXp team and the company’s reputation as an industry leader, the best way forward is with Bez Afzali.


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