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At eXp Commercial, we believe in giving our clients and brokers more; more tools, more technology, and more resources. We offer more ways to grow, more networking opportunities across the globe, and more ways to succeed in today’s ever-changing world.


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of the fastest growing agencies in the world


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High Commission Splits – Low Cap – Revenue Share – Stock Options

Our Services

From buying and selling across all asset types and specialties, let our highly-experienced team of commercial real estate professionals help you get more out of your investment opportunities.


Our office real estate specialists have the inside-track on all of the latest market intelligence, helping you take advantage of market trends and maximize your opportunities.


We provide best-in-class advisory and transaction services to help you sell or reposition your retail assets in order to meet the unique challenges of an evolving market.


With unrivalled understanding of sub-markets, our team can provide valuable market information and assist you in making informed decisions, with a clear view of anticipated value and land use.


Maximize your return on investment by speaking with one of our industrial specialists. They have years of experience with production, manufacturing, assembly, distribution, research, storage, and warehousing. Let us help you analyse and understand the opportunity.

Specialty Projects

Whether it’s self-storage to data centres, or new development opportunities, our team has the collective experience to help you meet your objectives.

More Earning Potential

We believe our agents should get as much value out of eXp Commercial as they create. That’s why we not only offer higher commission splits and a lower cap, but also revenue share and stock options, putting you on the path to financial freedom when you become an eXp commercial agent

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