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The Complete Package ' COFFEE-OLOGY For a Shot of Liquid Therapy is now available.

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2011 Mercedes Vito Diesel Van: Reliable and efficient, your trusty coffee companion is ready to hit the road. It's not just a vehicle; it's a symbol of your business on wheels!

Stock and Equipment: You won't need to start from scratch. We're talking top-notch, quality supplies and equipment to brew the finest cup of coffee, including a
Renowned 'Francino' Coffee Machine: The heart of your business, this premium coffee machine guarantees every cup is a masterpiece. Baristas and coffee lovers alike will adore it!

A Thriving Customer Base: This coffee van is not just popular; it's a local legend. It's continually booked for local events, ensuring a steady stream of eager coffee lovers. The demand is already there!

Potential for Growth: Coffee Morning Runs to local business houses are just one of the many avenues to explore. Your potential for growth is limited only by your imagination and ambition.

Motivated Seller: The current owner is reluctantly parting ways due to health concerns. This is your chance to turn their passion into your prosperous venture.

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