Team South Australia On Fire!

One big fire, a phrase often heard throughout eXp, is alive and well in South Australia. Agent collaboration is a key component and core-value at eXp worldwide, and it’s no different here in Australia.

Recently some of our South Australian agents met for lunch to share ideas, to compare notes, and to plan for growth and success as eXp Australia expands its growth in Adelaide and beyond.

Chris Janzon one of the first exp agents in South Australia said,

“We are ready in complete COLLABORATION & have the BLUEPRINT plan, to roll out many incredible opportunities, that will most certainly transform, BENEFIT & put first the AGENTS within our industry, by the way they can now transact property like never before!”

Simon Beshara who just joined exp said,

“It was great to catch up . . .  something very special is building, you can feel it”

Leading the charge in South Australia and coordinating the get together was Australia’s first ICON Agent, Bjorn Kunzel.

Bjorn caught the life changing vision of eXp early on and has already sold more than 60 properties since joining the eXp family as well as building his revenue share team.

Bjorn’s passion to share the eXp story has already had a massive impact not only for his real estate clients but also his real estate team.

We are so pleased for the team in South Australia. We know that they will continue to grow the eXp – “one big fire spirit” amongst Adelaide agents as they empower like-minded people to live their best lives and create a lasting legacy with eXp.

We are excited to watch the eXp fire continue to burn brighter and brighter in South Australia and beyond.


Posted in Agent Growth Announcement on 24th June, 2021